[VIDEO] Naked Model Bungee Jump Goes Viral, No Shock, But Then The Police Raid

The young girl said she needed to jump naked “for her career.” The cops had their own ideas…

While on vacation in Chang Mai, Thailand, a young model visited Mai Rim’s X Centre to bungee jump from a 50 meter platform that is positioned over a lagoon. She requested that she be allowed to jump naked to somehow benefit her career.

The Staff, and the other customers, where all surprised to watch her embark, and quickly word spread online. When the police found out about the spectacle, they raided the Centre, and fined both the establishment, and eventually, the model, 1,000 baht (a little less than $20) for public indecency.

The manager of X Centre, Bancha Chulakul, told police, “I did not think the photos and videos would be posted on line and criticized.”

Whether online or not, the event amounts to public indecency, and the fines still apply.

Perhaps the girl made more than the fine after her career took off?

We hope so.



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