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VIDEO Shows Injured Deer Attack Driver, Hand-To-Hand Combat Follows

Is this “hand-to-hand” combat, or “hand-to-hoof” combat? Woman versus big deer, one on one.

Ellen Sager was driving in a 2008 GMC Envoy when she ran into a buck.

The deer regained his senses after being struck, darting across the highway to inflict his own damage on Sagar. As she opened the door, the buck attempted to enter the vehicle in a violent manner.

“The same deer that Sager had just struck ran back across the roadway left-to-right and attempted to jump into Sager’s vehicle as she opened the door,” according to a statement from Chief Andrew Kudrick’s office. “Sager was still in the driver’s seat with the door open as the deer attempts to climb over her and into the vehicle.

Sager reacted quickly, however, and can be seen in a physical confrontation with the deer. She kicked the deer to prevent it from entering the SUV, and was able to close the door to protect herself.

After the incident, Sager and the Patrolman, Austin, had a laugh about the entire crazy episode. She did suffer a minor knee injury. Unfortunately, the deer died not long after the collision.

“It was mad, real mad,” Sager said of the deer in an interview with News 12. “It happened so fast. I just grabbed a handful of antlers and tried to keep it from killing me.”

Of course, Sager did not intend to harm the deer. Fortunately, she is ok, but I bet she will drive a little further down the road before stopping to check next time!


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