[VIDEO] Trump Hat Forces Hippie College Chick Into Absurd Left-Wing Meltdown

This college girl is out of control, but she is kind of cute and hot when she is upset, isn’t she? She has over 1 million views so far…

So a college student wore one of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats to his campus, and now he finds himself in a Hate Speech debate that reportedly includes the college campus.

This kid appears to be minding his own business at Mount Royal University, when out of nowhere a hipster, hippie girl approaches him to let him know that, “Hate Speech” is not allowed on campus. She makes it clear that she, “has spoken to the College President,” who completely agrees with her.

When asked why the Trump hat qualifies as Hate Speech, she launches into a monologue about how it promotes white people, heterosexual people, etc…, while discriminating against minorities and gays.

A description of this girl’s silliness does not do it justice. Watch the madness for yourself, below. I suppose Liberals are all for free speech, unless you disagree with them!

A female student at Mount Royal University (Calgary, Canada) attacks a fellow student because she dislikes the slogan on his hat (“Make America Great Again”).

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