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[VIDEO] Worst Parking Job Ever, Most Daring Good Guy Rescue Ever

He could not stop his SUV on the Ninth Floor of the parking garage, and he went over the edge…

A man had a narrow escape on Friday afternoon after driving his vehicle off the 9th floor of a parking garage in Austin, Texas.

Firefighters and a salvage company later removed the vehicle.

The 24-year-old man, who was not identified by police, was pulled to safety back into the garage. He said he was unable to stop the vehicle that went off the top of the building and flipped over until it was caught by a wire, police said.

“The driver was (miraculously) able to climb out of the sunroof and make his way safely back into the garage,” the Austin Fire Department wrote on its Facebook page.

The man was not injured.

”I have a strong feeling the driver is going to have a great appreciation of what it means to be alive from this point forward,” said James Davis, 29, a cellphone software developer who was one of about 100 people watching the car dangling.

Watch the daring rescue below:


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