[WATCH] Armed Robbers Hit Jewelry Store, Man With Baseball Bat Hits Them – 3%

[WATCH] Armed Robbers Hit Jewelry Store, Man With Baseball Bat Hits Them

This is a gang of armed robbers, taken out by one suit-wearing hero who was brave enough to try…

The gang arrived with sledgehammers, bashing out the windows in an attempt to steal the jewelry. Their plan would have worked, if not for the intervention of this brave man with a suit and a baseball bat.

Shouts can be heard at the start of the video, as the man in the suit takes out one of the thieves. The others tried to escape, but onlookers followed the brave man’s lead and stopped their exit.

One witness told The Sun:

“They arrived on two motorbikes, which we thought was the cleaner’s blower but all of a sudden we heard all this screaming and banging.

“I looked out the window and saw three or four guys with a sledgehammer just bashing the window.”

Hannah claimed the thugs had threatened members of the public during the heist.

She continued: “The guy who was sledgehammering looked like he was threatening to hit them and, I don’t know where he came from, just a random guy, he squared up to him at first with nothing.

“The guy was going ‘get away’ and he was saying ‘go on then, go on then’.”

Police officers thanked all of the bystanders for their help.

Don’t you live it when the good guys win?


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