[WATCH] Disturbing Riot VIDEOS Show BLM Thugs BEATING Elderly, Whites – 3%

[WATCH] Disturbing Riot VIDEOS Show BLM Thugs BEATING Elderly, Whites

We knew the riots were bad. These videos show just how violent Black Lives Matter thugs truly are…

The police shooting of Keith Scott has dominated the news for the last several days. The city of Charlotte is attempting to return to normal after the violence, the looting, and the ongoing protests that have caused so much destruction and even the injury and death of some.

In the following case, protesters kicked and elderly homeless man to the ground. This poor man had done nothing wrong.

One white man, trapped and surrounded in a parking garage, begged for mercy as a mob flogged him.

One unconscious reporter was almost thrown into a fire by a group of protesters. A group of cops was able to save the man at the last second.

Imagine if someone had stepped in to try to stop these looters!

This group took their anger out on an ATM machine.

Thugs even attempted to pull people out of their cars.

Where is the outcry from our President, or the race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson?

We pray that peace and order will be restored in Charlotte.


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