[WATCH] Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Dad In The Act – 3%

[WATCH] Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Dad In The Act

She knew that the father had been up to something, so she hid a camera to find out what…

Sad stories of parents and their children dominate the headlines. Childhood memories should be positive and valuable, not the doom and gloom that we see in the news.

The little girl is clearly enjoying the Katy Perry song, “Extraterrestrial,” and her baby brother is rocking along, as well. Not a bad time for little kids.

Shockingly, this father knows the words to the Katy Perry hit, and is not too embarrassed to sing along and put on an awesome dance display for his kids.

No question, the kids loved it. Mom certainly loved it, too, when she retrieved the hidden camera footage.

Man, this guy rocks it! Facial expressions, dance moves, passion. I wonder if he dreamt of being an entertainer at some point? Watch how he engages the children, and how they respond to him.

These kids know that their father cares about them, as he puts in the time and effort to have fun alongside them.

Viewers online love this guy. The comments keep pouring in on what an awesome dad he is… Also, what an awesome dancer he is!

What do you think of this father’s antics? Do you do things like this with your children?

Would you be upset if your spouse hid a camera in your house?

Enjoy the awesome video! Way to go, Dad!



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