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WATCH Reporters Go Absolutely BATSH!IT INSANE After Trump Punks Them

Trump fooled the media with his brilliant press conference, now everyone from Hillary to CNN is throwing tantrums!

He Trumped the media.

Donald Trump announced that he would hold a press conference to admit that Obama was born in the United States. While the Press waited for Trump’s appearance, endorsement after endorsement rolled in to what would end up being a 30-minute Trump commercial.

In the end, Trump said a couple of short sentences, then left the stage. Well played, Mr. Trump.

CNN even admitted that they were played:

Hillary and her Team went absolutely crazy!

It has been amazing and hilarious to watch the reactions of the media to Trump’s chicanery. In truth, the media has done this kind of thing to the American people for decades. I support they do not like the taste of their own medicine.

Take a look at members of our esteemed News Media, standing on chairs and shouting when they realized what The Donald had done to them:

In one brilliant move, Trump has blamed the entire birther movement on Hillary Clinton, changed the narrative, and gotten himself free airtime.

Well played, indeed.



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