[WATCH] Rocker Bruce Springsteen Dedicates Song To “F–k Trump” Fan

During a recent concert tour stop at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Bruce Springsteen granted a song request from a concertgoer who handed the rocker a pocket Constitution with the words “F*ck Trump” written on it.
“Well, somebody gave me a copy of the Constitution of the United States,” Springsteen told the crowd of roaring fans, in a video posted to Twitter via Marianne Sughrue’s Periscope. “It does say ‘F*ck Trump’ on the front of it. And this was his request.”

Springsteen then dedicated his song “Long Walk Home,” from his 2007 album Magic, to the concertgoer who handed him the profanity-filled document.

Watch the epic performance below:

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