[WATCH] Teacher Breaks Up Girl Fight With Flying Tackle Punch And Ground Choke

Should this teacher be charged for use of excessive force? He is built like a linebacker and fights like a professional wrestler!


The situation had clearly started to escalate before the footage began. The teacher certainly moves with the intent to break up the fight, but was it necessary to dive in with a punch and tackle? A person of his size should be able to come in between the two girls, however, there is much about this situation that we do not know yet.

It appears that no one was injured, and that another member of the school staff was present and also involved in the conflict with the students. It seems inevitable that a lawsuit and investigation are to follow.

What should teachers do when large students are about the harm one another? It is their job to keep student’s save, but where does use of force go too far?

Details of the incident have not been released to the public at this time, but we will continue to follow the story and provide updates.

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