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What Happens When A New iPhone 7 Is Dunked In The Ocean, Soda, & Coffee

Is the iPhone 7 worth it? These risky tests helped me to make up my mind!

People are lining up to get their hands on the latest iPhone, the iPhone 7. Is it worth the wait?

I have an iPhone 6+, that I love, but I am afraid to take it to the beach or paddle boarding as I would be sick to my stomach if I got it wet. Could an iPhone 7 or 7+ take the abuse?

Apple does not recommend it. 9To5Mac reports:

Apple’s documentation for iPhone 7 takes a conservative approach as to the nature of its waterproofness. Apple recommends cleaning the phone immediately if it comes into contact with  liquid. Apple says to avoid swimming or bathing with the iPhone 7, exposing the device to high velocity water like surfing or jet skiing or using the phone in a sauna.

So what can the new iPhone handle? So Bad So Good sent Australian presenter Samantha Clarke into the water at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach to see if the new iPhone can withstand the sharks, crashing blue waves and extreme rip currents. Here is what happened:

Another test organization, info hut,  dunked in Soda, Coffee & Fresh water fully submerged for at least 5 minutes. Perhaps an even braver test!

So what do you think? Is the iPhone 7 or 7+ for you? I just got a notice from my carrier that I am eligible for an upgrade. Perhaps on my lunch break today I will check it out!



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