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X-Factor Star Exposed After Accidental Snap Chat Leaked [PHOTO]

Moral of the story folks…. If you wouldn’t put it in your front yard don’t put it on digital devices!

We at ThreePercenterNation choose not to show these sorts of images, however we think these issues are important as a learning moment. Especially important for our youth to understand once its on the internet, unless you are Hillary it will forever be there to haunt you. BUT if you have the NEED to see the pic (Even The uncensored version is censored)… Check out the read more link at the bottom.

Despite keeping her head of out of the NSFW photo, the snap includes Chloe’s account name, ChloePaigeSings, in the top left left hand corner – which you would think means the star has definitely been caught out.


A few ‘fans’ obviously took to Twitter to message Chloe about the upload with the vast majority seeming pretty pleased about the mistake: 

But, there is of course a plot twist. When contacted for an explanation, a representative for the singer had this explanation: 

The photograph in question is of Chloe’s friend. Chloe mistakenly added it to her Snapchat story. Chloe’s friend is beside herself as I’m sure you can imagine.


Read the rest and see the “less” censored version: http://www.unilad.co.uk/nsfw/x-factor-star-accidentally-leaks-topless-picture-on-snapchat/

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