SHOCKING New Video Surfaces, OBAMA Caught Flaunting ‘Privates’ To Giggling Female Reporters

As the media and both parties continue to rip Donald Trump apart for an interview that was done in 2005, a new video has surfaced of Barack Obama engaging in what could only be described as sexual harassment.

Take a look.

Hannity has the full story:


While the media continues to wring its hands over lewd remarks made by Donald Trump in 2005, a new video has surfaced of President Barack Obama engaging what can only be described as an act of sexual harassment against female reporters and staff.

The 2008 video shows then Senator Obama on a campaign flight along with staff and members of the press. While speaking on the phone, the President appears to be…well…in a state of sexual arousal (or minimally with a pair of embarrassingly tented chinos).

When female reporters take notice, Obama flaunts his privates, raising his leg on a chair and man-spreading his legs.

This kind of disgusting, chauvinistic behavior would be unacceptable from ANYONE, let alone a United States Senator and the future president.

While the chance of the footage being a forgery appears somewhat remote, we should note that Hannity.com cannot independently verify its authenticity. The Obama administration has not yet released a statement confirming or denying its that is, in fact, the president.

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