[VIDEO] JOE BIDEN: “Trump Is Not A Bad Man” — He’s Just Profoundly Ignorant – 3%
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[VIDEO] JOE BIDEN: “Trump Is Not A Bad Man” — He’s Just Profoundly Ignorant

Joe Biden said Donald Trump is not a bad man.

Although the vice president made that remark during an interview with CNN that aired Tuesday, he wasn’t singing the Republican nominee’s praises.

Biden also hit Trump for saying not paying any federal income taxes made him smart.

“Since when does somebody who lives at the top in the world, in a penthouse overlooking the world, be in a position that he doesn’t feel any obligation at all to pay any federal income tax to support the military, to support education, to support our foreign policy?” he continued.

“Since when is that a patriotic thing to do? Can you imagine any other president, any other president, just ever say that and be proud of that? I can’t fathom it.”

“What he’s proposing in the tax cut would lock in all of those special interests from real estate folks and cut their taxes even more. This is all about Trump. This is all about Trump.”

“What’s that say about all the people here? Are they all suckers for paying their taxes, because they can’t hire a tax lawyer, because they couldn’t make significant contributions to try to change the law to benefit themselves? Come on, man.”

“That’s just not right.”

Let’s not forget, these comments were made by Joe Biden who asked a guy with no legs, to stand up during one of his rallies. Don’t believe me? Watch and see for yourself!


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