[Watch] “Slick Willy” Has New Term for Trump Supporters Following ‘Pu**y Tape’ – 3%

[Watch] “Slick Willy” Has New Term for Trump Supporters Following ‘Pu**y Tape’

I find it hilarious that Bill get’s to even say anything at all on the matter. The man who actually raped woman gets to call people names? Please, the man should have a permanent muzzle. Trump’s words are nothing compared to Bill’s sexual escapades during his presidency, he abused women with his power instead and his wife allowed it.

Way better to be called a “redneck” over a “rapist’ in my opinion.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop Bill from trying to prey on impressionable college students convincing them to vote for his corrupt wife.

DC has the full story:

Bill Clinton characterized Donald Trump’s supporters as the culture “he grew up in” in Arkansas during a voter registration event in Belle Glade, Florida on Tuesday.



Just last month, Clinton joked that he was confused by the “coal people” in West Virginia and Kentucky, in reference to Trump’s popularity in those states. (RELATED: Bill Mocks The ‘Coal People’ Of WV, KY)

“The coal people don’t like us anymore… They all voted for me, I won twice and they did well.”

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