UPDATE: ACTIVE SHOOTER Barricades Victims In House While It Burns – 3%

UPDATE: ACTIVE SHOOTER Barricades Victims In House While It Burns

Police and firefighters are on the scene. The burning home is surrounded by woods. Status of ACTIVE SHOOTER and victims unknown

Police were called to the home late this morning with reports of an active shooter being on the loose. The house is on the 300 block of Haltom Road in Fort Worth, Texas.

UPDATE: Reportedly, one person was seen in handcuffs. Police have not confirmed any information at this time.

A standoff is underway with the suspected shooter. The type of firearm and number of shots fired is unknown at this time. Police have not released the name of the suspect or any possible motives. The situation is so volatile at this time that it is unlikely that testimony from neighbors or anyone acquainted with those involved will be available.

Officials report that there is an unknown number of people in the home. Reportedly, the suspect barricaded everyone in the house then set it on fire.

Thick smoke, of increasing intensity, poured from the home, then flames erupted from the roof.

Hopefully, police and firefighters will be able to free the possible victims before anyone is seriously hurt.

Firefighters could not do their job and combat the blaze without confirmation from the police that the scene was safe. Eventually, they did start to dowse the home with water, from a distance. The house has already undergone severe damage.

Take a look at this video report from the scene below:

The story is developing. ThreePercenterNation will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as we have them.


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