GAME-CHANGER: Hillary Shocks The World With Endorsement Of Mike Pence – 3%

GAME-CHANGER: Hillary Shocks The World With Endorsement Of Mike Pence

She admits that she sometimes “short-circuits,” but this is insane! I wonder what her own VP Pick, Tim Kaine thinks of her now?

Coming on the heels of the first 2016 Vice Presidential Debate, a contest where Hillary’s choice, Tim Kaine, interrupted his opponent, Donald Trump’s man, Mike Pence, 72 times!

That is correct. Kaine interrupted Pence 72 times, and came off as an annoying political hack.

Even liberal polls, like those at CNN, show Pence as the clear winner of the debate.

So what does Hillary think of Pence? She tweeted the following:

You are reading that correctly:

“If Trump’s decisiveness in choosing Mike Pence as his running mate is any indication, he’ll be great at making hard decisions as president.”

We all have to admit, it must have been a tough decision for Hillary to endorse her opponent’s Vice Presidential pick over her own. Is this the kind of decisiveness we want from a candidate though? It is more than a little bizarre.

So what does Hillary truly think of her own choice, Tim Kaine? Take a look at this gem:

So Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Nominee for President of the United States, has occasional short-circuits, has a hard time walking up and down the stairs, and cannot manage her Twitter account properly?

Either that, or she is really convinced that Pence is a better choice.

After the debate, we agree with her!


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