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Police Release New, FULL Video Of Keith Scott Shooting

The newly released video reveals the entirety of the fatal police shooting event

The controversial Keith Lamont shooting sparked a chain of events in the city of Charlotte that are still being unravelled. After protests turned to riots, city officials, the police, and the National Guard worked tirelessly to restore order to a broken community.

Recently, Charlotte Police released bodycam and dashcam footage of the shooting:

Keith Scott’s wife, Rakeyia, also released her personal smartphone video of the event.

Police say that Scott pointed a gun at them in a threatening manner, and that after the shooting, DNA and fingerprints confirmed his actions.

Scott’s family continues to claim that he was unarmed. They believe that police planted the gun on the scene.

Charles Monett, an attorney representing Scott’s family, has requested an inventory of the items seized at the scene of the shooting but has not received it, so far.

Another attorney representing the family says that this latest footage released by the Charlotte Police Department does not reveal any new information on whether Keith Scott was carrying a weapon.

The footage shows Keith Scott outside of his SUV prior to the shooting, and laters shows officers providing medical treatment after the shooting. They point out each wound, check Scott’s pulse, etc…

Watch the video for yourself below:

Does this newly released footage sway your opinion of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting one way or the other?

The controversy, and the legal discussion, are likely to continue for some time.


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