WikiLeaks Releases 2nd GAMECHANGER, Bill’s Sex Life In The Spotlight – 3%

WikiLeaks Releases 2nd GAMECHANGER, Bill’s Sex Life In The Spotlight

WikiLeaks is at it again, with just released. 2,086 emails. Among them, messages saying that Bill Clinton’s sex life is affecting Hillary!

One interesting hacked message reveals that some are concerned that Bill Clinton is too visible during the camaign, and that his sex life can damage Hillary.

The treasure trove of 2,086 emails includes other scary revelations, such as the suicidal nature of the Clinton Foundation’s COO.

Are you interested in reading Hillary’s controversial, revealing speech extracts. These are the secret, behind the scenes speeches that reveal her dishonesty and her true intentions. If so, they are now available in Kindle format.

Here is another Tweet, with a leak, to 80 pages of the best reading that will indicate Hillary’s hidden positions on the issues.

I am starting to think that last night’s debate, with Donald Trump coming out swinging, combined with this latest release of WikiLeaks revelations, could be the opening one-two punch that could “send Hillary to jail,” as Trump would say.

For the latest updates from WikiLeaks, keep an eye on their Twitter page.

Also, visit, where The Podesta Emails are featured. Note, that John Podesta is one of the closest Clinton insiders, and, as mentioned earlier, is Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman.

It is interesting that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are focusing on Podesta as the Election nears its close. Apparently, this series of October surprises is going to escalate, as Assange says he has more than 50,000 emails yet to be released.


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