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Breastfeeding Mom Tries To Be Private, Ends Up Going ‘Ape’

She was nervous about breastfeeding in public and snuck into a corner, then it happened…

Elizabeth Hunt Burrett, the mother of a three-year-old toddler and a thirteen-week old infant, was having a nice day at the Zoo with her family when the most surprising thing occurred.

Below is a description of the encounter, in Elizabeth’s own words:

Just wanted to share with you all this amazing breast feeding experience.

While celebrating my daughters 3rd birthday at the Melbourne Zoo my 13 week old got hungry while we were in the orangutan enclosure.

I took him into a quiet corner away from the crowd to feed, Then this happened….. This mummy came to investigate and she watched the whole feed.

It was the most beautiful thing!!!

Now everyone in Melbourne (well not everyone) has a picture of me feeding as once one person saw what was going on the word spread fast and they flocked to see what was happening. I felt like I was on exhibit lol.I’m very happy to report that there was not one nasty comment made about me feeding in public.

Breastfeeding Mom Tries To Be Private, Ends Up Going 'Ape'

Public breastfeeding is in the news often, and for many, is a source of controversy.

Most women support it, though some men (and a few women,) believe the practice should not happen within eyesight of anyone in public. Mothers like Elizabeth are often worried about “nasty comments.”

It appears, in this case, that Elizabeth found at least one supporter and friend!

What do you think about public breastfeeding? Good thing it turned out well in this mother’s case!

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