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[VIDEO] Conservatives Surrounded At KU, Screamed At, Told to Leave School

Members of a conservative group at the University of Kansas (KU) were surrounded at one of their own meetings and berated by opponents who urged them to leave the school, new video shows.

Two weeks ago, several progressives attended a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter meeting to defend the use of safe spaces and accuse group members of being white supremacists. The discussion repeatedly grew heated, with one visitor having a breakdown after YAF members repeatedly failed to use her preferred gender pronoun of “they.” Despite the heated environment, YAF members said the progressives were welcome to return the following week.

Throughout the video, it is difficult to hear what YAF members are saying, though whatever it was certainly set off the protesters in a big way.

“You do not, as a white cis-man, tell me to calm the fuck down!” one woman screams at a YAF member at the beginning of the video.

“This is hate speech!” cries another.

Part of the event consisted of protesters denouncing the U.S. Constitution as a racist document with no validity.

“Your Constitution is flawed, if you didn’t “When, in response, a conservative student defended the Constitution’s unrivaled longevity as the “law of the land,” the liberal student launched into a tirade, shouting, “It’s the law of the land? The law of the land was created with your entitled ass!”

Another protester said that if the YAF students didn’t want to be shouted at, then perhaps college wasn’t for them.

“Usually colleges are very liberal places,” she says. “So maybe you should go to a more conservative setting, cause usually [colleges] are progressive places.”


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