CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Ted Cruz Seen Making Calls For TRUMP – 3%

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Ted Cruz Seen Making Calls For TRUMP

It was only a short time ago when Ted Cruz (R-TX) said he would not throw his support behind Donald Trump for president.

Since that time, Cruz has done a complete 180 and has been doing everything he can to rally support behind the man he campaigned so feverishly against. The reason why, according to Cruz himself, is that no only is he a man of his word and must keep the pledge he took to support the republican nominee, but also because this election is far too critical to allow one’s pride to get in the way.

Yesterday, he was making get-out-the-vote calls on behalf of his one-time rival, nominee Donald Trump.


 Dallas Morning News photojournalist G.J. McCarthy documented the Texas senator’s visit Wednesday to the Tarrant County Republican Party headquarters in Fort Worth.

Much like any other political volunteer, Cruz “didn’t have much luck” getting a live human on the line, McCarthy noted in a tweet.

Instead, the politician left several voicemails for Texas voters.

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