DEBATE BLUNDER: Hillary Accidentally Confirms WikiLeaks’ Accuracy – 3%

DEBATE BLUNDER: Hillary Accidentally Confirms WikiLeaks’ Accuracy

Hillary’s Campaign will tell you that WikiLeaks is “bogus.” During, the debate, she inadvertently blew it and confirmed the truth!

We all understand why the Hillary Clinton Campaign perpetually argues that WikiLeaks is fake or misleading. The information is hacked, so dishonest politicians can just lie their way around the problem. At least, they can try, until one of them steps on their own foot, as none other than Hillary herself did last night!

Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, said that we cannot dig into the WikiLeaks hacked messages and assume that they are all “accurate and true.”

During last night’s debate, Anderson Cooper surprisingly referenced a document that exposed Hillary for having both a “public” and a “private” political position on the issues.

Hillary admitted that she once stated that very thing. She tried to say that her “public” and “private” positions were modeled after Abraham Lincoln and his style of presiding.

WikiLeaks, for one, enjoyed the confirmation of their work from their primary target:

Trump seized on the moment, as well, calling Lincoln, “Honest Abe,” and saying that Hillary is a liar.

Hillary hoped that the video of Trump making lewd remarks would knock him out of the fight. In truth, the move just emboldened him and now he has WikiLeaks to add more fuel to his fire.

The next few weeks should be interesting, and perhaps a lot of fun to watch.


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