Runway Model Can’t Keep a Straight Face After Wardrobe Malfunction Leaves Her Exposed

A clip which originated in 2004 has been recirculated in a Reddit thread of the most memorable catwalk fails of all time, and it definitely is “memorable.”

Runway model Djosefin Maurer was walking in Aigner’s Spring/Summer 2004 show at Milan Fashion Week, when she inadvertently showed the audience more than they came for.


Despite repeated efforts by Maurer to rescue her modesty, her low-cut dress would not stay closed, and she battled to keep a straight face.

The German model’s busty build only seemed to make it more difficult to keep her dress closed.


Below is the full spring show from 2004… Maurer’s wardrobe malfunction occurs just after the 14:00 mark.

Since her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, Maurer has gone on to try her hand at filmmaking, writing and directing a short film called Baby’s Breath.

H/T: Daily Star

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