Edward Snowden IS BACK And Just Dropped A MASSIVE TRUTH BOMB On Hillary – 3%

Edward Snowden IS BACK And Just Dropped A MASSIVE TRUTH BOMB On Hillary

WikiLeaks is sacking Hillary, now the infamous Edward Snowden is piling on! This may be the most TRUTHFUL revelation yet…

The 2016 Presidential Election has entered its final two weeks, and as the candidates start their sprint towards the finish line, WikiLeaks is picking up steam, as well.

Earlier, this month, WikiLeaks released the transcripts of Hillary’s highly paid speeches to Goldman Sachs.

The extensive breaches of Hillary’s Campaign Manager, John Podesta, have unleashed a treasure trove of “questionable” information. The speech transcripts reveal Hillary’s comments on Wall Street’s role in financial regulations, the tenuous relationship between the United States and Vladimir Putin, and supposedly, the past damage that WikiLeaks has done to US foreign policy.

Perhaps most telling revelation from the Goldman Sachs speeches are Hillary’s clear differences between “public” policy and “private” policy.

In other words, Hillary says one thing to the public, and quite another to her Wall Street donors.

In all, Hillary Clinton collected a minimum of $1.8 million for speeches to large banks. That is a hefty sum for just “speeches.”

The breach, and and the payoff, has brought Edward Snowden back into the headlines.

Snowden is correct. Hillary is owned by the banks and her allegiances, many of them revealed by WikiLeaks, are to the banks rather than the American voting populace.

Will Edward Snowden’s admission make a difference in the final days of the 2016 Election?

A better question: does Snowden have more information that he is planning to release?

WikiLeaks has given the public about 30,000 of the alleged 50,000 emails that they have in their possession.

Will we see more?

You can rest assured, it is likely that the best is yet to come.


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