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Employer’s Hidden Camera Captures ‘Revealing’ Workplace Mischief

The workers are mostly Millennials and the positions they take in the office tell the tale…

Millennials get quite a bit of negative attention in the news. Allegedly, the are entitled, lazy, and overly sensitive. They are often compared with the Greatest Generation, The Baby Boomers, Gen X, etc…

Are these labels earned or are they just the result of grumpy elders?

Truthfully, life has not been bad for many Millennials. Technology makes everyone’s life easier. The War on Terror is over, and, in general, people feel more safe. Few Millennials go hungry.

So how do Millennials perform at work? Is their behavior satisfactory?

One employer decided to set up multiple hidden cameras, many of them near reflective services, to see what they could learn about their Millennial staff.

This group of bosses raised the question: Just how vain are our employees, in their daily lives?

The cameras were set on a day when the office was empty, of course, so that the workers would not alter their normal routines and behaviors.

What did they find? The results were rather telling.

Watch below:

The cameras revealed that the Millennials are not particularly lazy, or violent, nor did they engage in extraordinary amounts of horseplay. More than anything, the hidden footage revealed Millennials to be VAIN.

They spent a good portion of their workday checking themselves out, in any reflective surface that might offer a view.

What could be the cause of this vanity in young people? Is it the smartphone selfie phenomenon, which has produced exponentially more daily photographs than we have seen at any other time in history? Perhaps, the ever-present concerns of online dating, closely related to the selfie phenomenon, cause Millennials to think more about the way that they look. Maybe they know that, at any given moment, someone in their area start snapping photos or video, and they could be caught looking “less than their best.”

What would happen if cameras such as these were placed in your work environment?

Do you behave like these employees?

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