Hidden Camera: Democrat Feingold SPILLS THE BEANS On Hillary’s Corrupt Plan – 3%

Hidden Camera: Democrat Feingold SPILLS THE BEANS On Hillary’s Corrupt Plan

Liberal former-Senator Russ Feingold had no idea that HIDDEN CAMERAS were recording when he revealed the truth about Hillary

Russ Feingold, for Senator and current Senate Candidate from Wisconsin, revealed quite a bit recently. Not only will his words come back to haunt him, they are already making a mess for Hillary.

So, just as WikiLeaks revealed, Hillary’s plan is to use Executive Orders to crush the Second Amendment.

The cameras later turned to event host Amy Rao, who added to the gun control revelations from Feingold.

“Hillary wants to shut it down. If we can get guns away from everyone in this country, she’ll close the loopholes, she’ll get rid of assault weapons, she will get rid of being able to buy you know, unlimited bullets, she’s gonna make all that stop.”

O’Keefe asked why Feingold continually defends handguns, and one of his donors responded, “He wants to be elected. He is from Wisconsin. I wanted him to be stronger. Nobody needs a frickin’ handgun.”

Amy Rao thought that Feingold’s comments did not go far enough, and said, “Hillary wants to shut it down. If anyone can do it, she’ll do it.

These are liberal democrats, in their own words.

Much like their chosen figurehead, Hillary Clinton, they maintain public views, that help them to get elected, and private views, that help with their closed-door fundraising.

Unfortunately,  for these two-faced politicians, hidden cameras exist now, and they expose quite a bit.


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