Hillary’s Campaign Covered Up Sexual Harassment in Their Workplace, You Won’t Believe Why

Wikileaks dumps more telling emails that continue to ravage the democratic party. A new one claims that people inside the Clinton campaign purposely covered up sexual harassment in the workplace.

Truthfeed has the story:

For a campaign that’s supposed to be all about “women,” it’s a bit disheartening that Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook covered up workplace sexual harassment.

A Wikileaks email shows that a woman complained that Marlon Marshall, a Clinton staffer, sexually harassed her.


Apparently, Robby Mook doesn’t care about women – he ignored the complaint and covered up for the guy because Marlon is a PERSONAL FRIEND OF HIS.

Oh, nice one, Robby.

Gee, Robby cares more about Trump’s FAKE accusers than the REAL accusers within the Hillary campaign.

Bro’s before ho’s, right Robby?


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