“Hillary Groped Me” Video Is Viral, Trump Supporters Not Backing Down

War Veteran, blogger, journalist, and Trump supporter Prissy Holly created a video where she plays the role of a “victim” to fictional Hillary Clinton sexual advances. The video has since went viral and has the trending hashtag, #HillaryGropedMe. The popularity of the video and the hashtag is evidence that Trump supporters are not backing down to the heinous sexual assault allegations against Trump, only 3 weeks before the general election.

Check out the video, and some hilarious tweets below…and post your own story on Twitter with the hashtag.

From BizPac Review:

“She just kept staring at my breasts the whole time,” Holly said. “The next thing I knew she completely forced herself on me. Holly encouraged others who have been “victimized” by Clinton to “share their story” with the hashtag #HillaryGropedMe, which they did in force.




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