BAD NEWS for the Mom Who Seduced Her 15-Yr-Old Daughter’s Boyfriend – 3%

BAD NEWS for the Mom Who Seduced Her 15-Yr-Old Daughter’s Boyfriend

The Georgia mother who made headlines for seducing her 15-year-old daughter’s boyfriend will be behind bars for as long as the teen has been alive.

Kathy Tompa was able to get the young boy in her clutches in 2015 by promising she would teach him how to sexually satisfy her daughter.

“She was advising him on how to kiss her daughter, how to touch her daughter, when would be an appropriate time to touch her buttocks, what would be the appropriate time and manner to remove her shirt,” said Forsyth County Assistant District Attorney Heather Dunn.

Tompa and the boy began exchanging sexually explicit text messages last December, but their relationship developed into much more. She ultimately invited him over to her home for a sexual rendezvous while her husband was away on a business trip.

When the boy’s mood changed and his grades began to slip, his parents took notice. They tried taking away his computer and cell phone, but Tompa just bought him a new phone so that they could continue talking.

“She stole my son’s innocence,” the boy’s mother said in court, according to Mommypage. “She stole his childhood. I’m angry with her and I’m angry with myself.”

Tompa initially pleaded guilty to rape and child molestation back in May. In addition to her 15-year prison sentence, she will also have to pay for her victim’s therapy and register as a sex offender.

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