Liberal News Site Claims Trump Lied, But A Fact Check Reveals The Opposite – 3%

Liberal News Site Claims Trump Lied, But A Fact Check Reveals The Opposite

Politifact is a left wing website, but they claim to be fair and balanced, and give the facts; however that is not the case. We all know liberals cannot be honest, but to give some proof of that fact, check out what they had to say about the awful situation where Hillary defended a man against accusations he raped a 12-year-old girl. Hillary is actually on the tape laughing about how she helped him beat a polygraph test.

From The Daily Caller:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton laughed at a rape victim is a lie, because she actually laughed about getting an alleged rapist off, according to a fact checking website.

Trump’s claims is false, according to Politifact, because Clinton never laughed at the rape victim. She just laughed about other parts of the rape case.

“Trump is referring to an audio tape in which she does respond with amusement at her recollections of the oddities of the case, which involve the prosecution and the judge,” Politifact claimed. “At no point does she laugh at the victim.”

Well after fact checking we see Trump was right.

This is despicable! If anyone needs to know anymore about this woman, then they are morons. This woman is pure evil. And we are supposed to trust the media for giving accurate news? give me a break.

Please share this so more people will see the truth.

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