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Look At Who Hacked Hillary Campaign’s Password – IT IS NOT RUSSIA!

Hillary tried to tie Trump to Russia in the WikiLeaks scandal cover-up. FAIL!

Hillary Clinton and her Campaign have been trying to pin the entire WikiLeaks scandal on Vladimir Putin and the Russians, while somehow tying Donald Trump to the entire affair.

The concept is actually effective political strategy, though it has two glaring flaws:

  1. It is not honest
  2. It is NOT TRUE!

Putin has repeatedly denied the claim.

American Intelligence experts also put no credence in the claim.

The New American reports:

Others do not buy the Russian-hacker theory, anyway. Willliam Binney, a former high-ranking intelligence officer with the National Security Agency, recently told radio host Aaron Klein that he believed it is more likely it was a “disgruntled U.S. intelligence worker” who is responsible. Binney even argued that the FBI has long had access to the database of the NSA, and because of that, “if the FBI really wanted [the e-mails of Clinton], they can go into that database and get them right now.” He insisted that the NSA has all of Clinton’s e-mails, including the deleted correspondence.

The latest WikiLeaks release is shedding even more light on the issue, ironic as it is.

So there you have it. This indicates someone in Ukraine.

Will Hillary Clinton and her Campaign Chairman publicly reverse their stance and take back their accusations that attempted to tie Trump to the Russians?

You can be certain that they will not.

Hillary is trying to ride out the clock, hoping that the rigged system and the ignorance, and powerlessness, of American voters will enable her transition into power.

She may get away with it, but, Donald Trump and WikiLeaks will continue to tell the truth.

Will the truth be enough? Given time, it will.


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