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Man In Afghanistan Saved By Nokia Phone, The Internet Goes Wild

The story is legendary all by itself, then Twitter gets a hold of it and it goes virally wild…

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The Tweet has gained a nice following. The man behind the phone, Peter Skillman, is a General Manager for User Experience at Microsoft.

Evidently this is not the first time a Nokia phone has saved the day in the Middle East.

9gag once reported:

Today, in the early morning (3:00AM) a friend of mine on Facebook messaged me reporting about an incident which happened in Syria where a civil war is going on..

A Nokia X2 user, who lives there in Syria was filming the fight going on between the rebels and military. Bombs and bullets were being fired like throwing water on fire, X2 user came more closer to battle site.

He was capturing video with his X2 almost in front of his mouth, holding X2 with his right hand.

On getting closer to battle site, a bullet was fired towards him and it struck!……. not on him (phew!) That bullet got stuck into his Nokia X2 and he got away without a single scratch.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 7.19.07 AM

These stories are truly amazing and the Internet had erupted with people having fun with them.

Take a look at this guy:


So, we are glad that these guys survived, and have been laughing at the funny photos.

But what is an iPhone user to do?

Reportedly, iPhones do not fare as well against bullets.

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