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Meet The ‘Avenging Angel’ The Man That Hunts Down and Beats Pedophiles

In Anchorage, Alaska, one man has made it his mission to hunt down pedophiles and beat them senseless. Why? Because when he was a young boy his life was ruined when a predator sexually abused him…

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Now he is using his strength to hunt down pedophiles and teach them a lesson in pain. While the law doesn’t look too kindly on this vigilante, the public absolutely loves the man who has been dubbed “the Alaskan Avenger” …

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This man, Jason Vukovich, has been accused to mercilessly beating up sex offenders after he hunt down pedophiles using the official sex offender registry. Because he knows that what these evil men do destroys children’s lives, he took justice into his own hands…

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According to reports, Vukovich, used the Anchorage’s public online offender registry to find the home addresses of reported criminals. Then he broke into their homes and beat them up with a hammer. And he did some pretty violent work…

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As he hunt down pedophiles, one of his victims, Wesley Demarest, told reporters that as the Alaskan Avenger was beating him, he said “I’m an avenging angel, I’m going to mete out justice for the people you hurt.’”

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The Alaskan Avenger was arrested that same night because he hammered in Demarest’s skull fracturing it in several places. The cops found a list of other pedophiles’ names in it along with their addresses. Vukovich also robbed his victims after beating them…

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After he was arrested for hunting down sex offenders, Vukovich opened up about his motivation. He sent a letter that described how his adoptive father used to molest him when he was a small little boy…

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“What I can say at this time is that after being physically and mentally abused by a predator, my life was forever changed,” Vukovich wrote in his letter. While what Vukovich did was a crime, he wanted to get justice for abused children…

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“He said he targeted sexual offenders in hopes of supporting children ‘in pursuit of their dreams,’ writing that kids should be able to live ‘without the threat of pedophiles lingering around them.’” Learn about his trial…

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When he appeared in court, Vukovich plead not guilty to the charges of robbery and assault. He is scheduled to appear in court again on October 17 and faces up to 35 years in prison. Do you think he should be punished because he had hunt down pedophiles?


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