Mom Shocked To Find Innocent Shirt She Bought Daughter Actually Is [PHOTOS] Of Orgies

Just like when buying music, video games and movies for Children… You can now add T-Shirts to the list of things you will need to review first. 




As  [METRO] reportedWhen 18-year-old Katie’s mum is out shopping, she’ll occasionally bring back clothes she thinks Katie will like. A classic mum move.













Usually this is just a sweet, mum-type gesture. But this week, Katie’s mum got it a bit wrong.

She spotted a nice Vivienne Westwood t-shirt she thought Katie would like, and brought it home without looking at it too closely.

When she gave the t-shirt to Katie, Katie looked a little bit closer – and immediately noticed that the pattern wasn’t just an abstract wiggly print, but closely-packed illustrations of people getting sexual.


‘My mum was shocked but found it hilarious,’ Katie told metro.co.uk. ‘She thought it was like a marble effect.’

Katie tweeted about her mum’s unintentionally orgy-covered gift, and her pictures have now been retweeted more than 3,600 times.

Katie told us that she still plans to wear the t-shirt, because ‘it’s iconic’, and has already tweeted out a photo of herself modeling her new wardrobe addition.


Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/10/18/this-mum-accidentally-bought-her-daughter-a-t-shirt-covered-in-a-stylish-orgy-print-6199330/#ixzz4NTcc6CMb

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