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Mom With Rare Disease Gets Pregnant, Doctors Have NEVER Seen A Baby Like Hers

She was not supposed to survive herself, now the doctors are amazed at her baby…

Stephanie Turner was born with her entire body encased BY “armor,” in the form of thick white plates of cracked skin. Normally, because of skin plates are separated by these large cracks, the newborn baby dies from infection after being contaminated by any number of microorganisms. The condition is called Harlequin icthyosis.

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor in Stephanie’s health and success is her unbelievable positive attitude. It is precisely this attitude that cause her husband to fall in love with her and marry her.

Becoming pregnant at age 23 presented a tremendous risk for the Turner family, as the stretching of the skin around the stomach can become fatal.

The doctors did not now what to expect from a pregnant Stephanie, as they had never dealt with a case like hers before.

Not only did Stephanie carry her baby to a full term, she gave birth to a miraculous healthy, baby boy.  She almost immediately became pregnant again, and delivered a healthy girl.

Neither child has the disorder, as both parents must have Harlequin icthyosis in order to pass it on.

Doctors are amazed. The children are beautiful.

Watch the story of Stephanie and her amazing family below:

Stephanie’s attitude is contagious. She is an inspiration for everyone who encounters her, myself included!


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