New Wikileaks Dropped, Racist Hillary Clinton Calls ” Blacks, Muslims… Never Do Wells

The election is getting close, and the attacks are coming in. Hillary Clinton in pure evil, and wikileaks is releasing all of the dirt…The below information needs to be seen by every American who will vote in this election.

WikiLeaks is dumping hundreds of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. Now, this new email shows Hillary Clinton talking about blacks…



“The main reason behind successful immigration should be painfully obvious to even the most dimwitted of observers: Some groups of people are almost always highly successful given only half a chance (Jews*, Hindus/Sikhs and Chinese people, for example), while others (Muslims, blacks** and Roma***, for instance) fare badly almost irrespective of circumstances.”

And we all remember this little gem, Clinton speaking about blacks as being “super predators.”

As RCP reported:

During the heat of the Democratic primary she was inturrupted by Black Lives Matter activists demanding an apology for her use of the term. “Do you want to hear the facts or do you just want to talk?” she asked the protesters before they were removed from the building.

Bill Clinton was also confronted about the issue in April. He angrily told Black Lives Matter protesters that they “are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.”

Please pass and share this info. Hillary is the worse choice. America will not stand with her in office. Please share these new leaks.

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