OCTOBER SURPRISE: The FBI Launches New Investigation Of Hillary – 3%

OCTOBER SURPRISE: The FBI Launches New Investigation Of Hillary

Even the liberal Associated Press wants answers this time. The evidence is so overwhelming that this investigation is going to be harder for Hillary to shake!

When FBI Director James Comey let Hillary off the hook for running a private email server to process Classified Information, most thought that Hillary was out of the woods.

The liberal AP is implying a pay-to-play scandal!

Apparently, the reporting of the Associated Press raised some eyebrows over at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Ed Klein’s new book, Guilty As Sin, reveals that the FBI is trying to determine if Secretary Clinton had a separate, secret schedule of meetings with foreign governments and private industry figures who donated.

No wonder Hillary wanted those emails deleted. They could reveal this secret meeting schedule, and many of the sordid details of corruption.

It is no wonder that Comey and his subordinates are digging through the 15,000 emails that Hillary initially failed to turn over.

Now everyone, including the FBI, is wondering: Did Hillary use her position as Secretary of State to pad her own pockets, and the pockets of her contributors, at the country’s expense?

Will the FBI follow through this time? Will they do it prior to November the 8th?

Additionally, where is WikiLeaks during all of this?

The next few weeks could prove to be wildly interesting…


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