[PHOTOS] Sheriffs Dept Devises Genius Plan To Round Up Meth Users

BATH, Mich. – A police department is turning to tongue-in-cheek tactics to fight a serious drug epidemic.


The Bath Police Department in Michigan posted on its Facebook page with a big “breaking news” graphic warning that read “meth possibly containing the Zika virus.”

The post goes on to say, “If you recently bought some meth, you can bring it into the Bath Township Police Department and we can test it for you.”

Of course, scientists have not linked the Zika virus to any type of drug.

free-meth-testingCommenters posted on the post asking if this was a joke, and the police department responded saying, “Sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box!”

The police department says it’s just their style of community policing.

A similar version of the post made was by the Salley Valley Police Department in South Carolina in March. It also offers to make house calls to ‘test’ drug stashes.

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