Pomeranian Impregnates Mastiff, Owner is Shocked When He Sees the Puppy

22-year-old Malachi Ferdinand lives in England with his family and their beloved dogs.

Baily, a small and feisty Chihuahua cross Pomeranian, often finds himself in trouble throughout the neighborhood.

Coco, a Mastiff, is just the opposite. She is well-behaved, big and strong.


The two pooches could not be more different in appearances or temperament.

So Ferdinand was shocked when Coco unexpectedly gave birth in his living room four years ago. No one even knew she was pregnant, but they knew right away who the father was…


The family decided to name the pup Nemo, as he was the only one in the litter.

The vet deemed Nemo normal and healthy, despite his seemingly unconventional conception.

Coco is proving to be quite the loving mother, though Malachi decided to have her spade.


At four-years-old, Nemo is now more than twice the size of his tiny father.

Malachi never thought his dogs could mate, due to their extreme size difference, but they proved him wrong and today they are one big, happy family!

H/T: Little Things

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