Success! Conjoined Twins Seperated And Out Of Surgery – 3%

Success! Conjoined Twins Seperated And Out Of Surgery

A team of surgeons successfully separated a pair of twin boys conjoined at the head in a marathon procedure that lasted more than 16 hours. According to their mother’s Facebook post, 13-month-old twins Jadon and Anias McDonald are not out of the woods yet, but each underwent reconstructive surgery on their skulls early Friday.

According to a post on the family’s GoFundMe page, McDonald was informed that her twins were conjoined at the head around 17 weeks into her pregnancy.

Check out the post below…

“TWO SEPARATE BABIES!!!… and yet I ache with the uncertainty of the future,” Nicole McDonald wrote in part on Facebook. “I didn’t cry until the surgeons left the room. I was barely able to even utter the words ‘thank you’ because of the pit that still sits heavy in my stomach. We are standing on the brink of a vast unknown. The next few months will be critical in terms of recovery and we will not know for sure how Anias and Jadon are recovering for many weeks.”

Please pray for these babies, and this family. They are truly a gift from God. I am thankful for the surgeons who performed this procedure. We will keep you updated.


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