Texas Man Arrested for Mocking Hillary at the Polls, Someone Bail this Guy Out!

Trump supporter from Texas rocked his “basket of deplorables” shirt while he voted. Unfortunately, it got him arrested for “electioneering”, a charge that is ALMOST unheard of, till now.

Nothing like standing up for what you believe in. Whatever happened to free speech? Or that’s right, that rule only pertains to liberals.

Fox News has the story:

Brett Mauthe, 55, was arrested in Bulverde, Texas after wearing a pro-Trump hat, and a T-shirt saying “basket of deplorables,” according to KSAT 12.

Mauthe told the outlet that while he removed the hat at the request of officials, he refused to turn his T-shirt inside out and said he was not aware that wearing it was a violation of the election code. When he refused to remove the shirt, he was arrested.

Other voters told KSAT they didn’t realize the rules, which prohibit “electioneering” by the voting booths, applied to voters.

“I don’t feel like you should be preaching to anybody, but I do feel like you should be able to wear a shirt if you want and if it has the candidate,” local resident Georgina Pereida said.

“Electioneering is prohibited within a 100-foot marker. You cannot express views for or against a candidate or political party by wearing buttons, T-shirts, hats, whatever else or carrying signs,” she said.

Mauthe was released on a $500 bond and is charged with a misdemeanor which carries a possible fine of $500.


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