The FBI Just Smacked The Hillary Campaign With Shocking Reversal – 3%

The FBI Just Smacked The Hillary Campaign With Shocking Reversal

Remember those 33,000 “bleached” emails that were thought to be lost for good?

Hillary’s cover-up of her email mismanagement while serving as Secretary of State was considered, in the eyes of many, to be complete. 33,000 emails were said to be entirely lost for good, as they had been “bleached” by a tech employee.

In an interview with Platte River Networks, one of the technical company’s officials said that the employee who supposedly bleached Hillary’s emails did not do away with all of them. Only one small file was bleached, the one that was used to pass some controversial messages to Hillary’s assistants.

Evidently, the email file content still remained in the live email accounts, even though it had been wiped clean from transfer “vehicles” that had been created.

So only the file that was being transferred was bleached.

According to the NY Post, “(u)nless one of Clinton’s aides had the capability to log in to the PRN server as an administrator and remove a mailbox, her archived mailboxes more than likely still reside somewhere in that system.”

Will a Grand Jury request these emails? Most likely.

Will it happen prior to the November 8th, 2016 Presidential Election? Most certainly, it will not.

However, Americans are tired of corruption, and want integrity and transparency in government.

Others, like WikiLeaks, and most likely, Donald Trump, are likely to take action to continue exposing corrupt practices.

Whether Hillary is elected or not, this issue will not go away.

What will happen if she becomes President and then is incriminated?


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