Trick Or Treat: Suppressed Nemo Arms Omen 300 Win Mag -Vs- Exploding Pumpkins – 3%

Trick Or Treat: Suppressed Nemo Arms Omen 300 Win Mag -Vs- Exploding Pumpkins

The news is dominated by seriousness but wouldn’t you rather be watching this, in SLOW-MOTION?

The Nemo Arms Omen, chambered in 300 Win Mag, is reported to be the ultimate “do everything” rifle. It is a bit of a breakthrough as the AR-15 platform is not traditionally chambered in this round.

What do law enforcement officers and snipers think of the Omen, chambered in 300 Win Mag?

Conventionally, the .308 round has been considered the standard load for a sniper, though, as The Slide Stop reports, one law enforcement sniper team took the Omen out for testing with the 300 Win Mag, and they liked the unconventional idea.

One officer said:

“Having come from a department and sniper program of “we’ve always done it this way” I hadn’t put much thought into the .300 Win Mag. However, after having shot the rifle and also talking with our friends at Hornady Ammunition I now think of this as a viable option for my team and my department. We have a multi-jurisdictional team and are responsible for two counties, most of which is primarily rural. Yes, we operate the majority of our time in an urban environment, but I have been on callouts where my operational distance was 378 yards. Also, being the first caucus in the country we get tasked with a lot of dignitary visits. During these visits we are responsible for providing over-watch at the Des Moines International Airport where our distances range from 600-800 yards. Considering these instances the .300 Win Mag would work extremely well. NEMO Arms offers their .300 Win Mag in everything from a 15.5 inch barrel out to a 24 inch Proof Research barrel. I am really a fan of shorter barrels for law enforcement and was intrigued by the 15.5 inch barrel. In speaking with the folks at NEMO Arms they have been having great success at extended distances (800-1000 yards) with the 15.5 inch barrel, which well exceeds normal law enforcement engagement distances.”

On a day like Halloween, the Omen chambered in 300 Win Mag simply looks to be loads of fun.

Enjoy this man’s shooting of the round at exploding pumpkins, and have a great Hallowen!


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