Unable To Reach Their Grandmother After Hurricane Matthew, This Family Has A Brilliant Idea

Hurricane Matthew caused major damage all along the East coast, and many residents have been without power or phone lines. So the family of an elderly Florida resident grew concerned when they couldn’t reach their loved one.

Claire Olsen, 87, was not heard from since the hurricane hit, and her family in Nebraska wasn’t able to get the police department or fire department to help them make sure she was safe.

Claire’s grandson Eric came up with an idea. He decided to order her a pizza, and he asked the driver to check on his grandmother.

When the driver knocked on the door Claire opened it and said she didn’t order the pizza. “Your grandson did,” the deliverer said. She was amazed her family did that for her, and let them know the hurricane knocked out her phone line.

“Police and fire couldn’t do it, but Papa John’s got there in 30 minutes and put the cellphone to her ear,” Eric says. The delivery driver named Tyler said the experience of helping Claire and her family “was better than any tip he has ever received.”

[H/T: ABC, Weather Channel

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