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[VIDEO] Black Lives Matter Marches Erupt In Pasadena: ‘KILLERS’

Black Lives Matter protesters have taken to the streets of Pasadena, chanting, “Killers!” after the police killing of Reginald Thomas. Video below:

Police received a call about a domestic disturbance around 2am on Friday. The caller revealed that Thomas was “high” and “mentally ill.” After arriving on the scene, cops found themselves in a struggle with the mentally-ill Thomas. Reportedly, Thomas had a knife and a fire extinguisher, and refused to follow instructions. Eventually, Thomas was tased, and the shock caused him to die from cardiac failure. Officers attempted to resuscitate him before his passing there at the scene. Thomas had been subdued and handcuffed sometime during the standoff, and eventually officers discovered him to be unresponsive. Allegedly, the man had a past history of mental illness and violence.

“The loss of any life is always tragic and should be fully investigated. In that regard you have my commitment that all aspects of this incident will be reviewed,” Sanchez said. 

It did not take long for protesters to gather in downtown Pasedena, chanting, with the intent to march on the Police Department. Their chants included, “Killers!” and “Who’s streets? Our streets,” the marchers chanted along the way. “The people united will never be divided.”

Many protesters demand to know the name of the officer who actually killed Reginald Thomas.

So far, there have not been reports of violence during the Black Lives Matter protests, however, the rhetoric is alarming. Given recent events in cities like Charlotte, residents have cause to be concerned.

See video of the protests, below:


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