VIDEO Emerges Showing Obama FLAUNTING Erection To Female Staffers – 3%

VIDEO Emerges Showing Obama FLAUNTING Erection To Female Staffers

Think Trump’s WORDS were bad?  Watch our President’s LEWD ACTIONS and decide which is worse!

11 years ago, Donald Trump was caught in an off camera, hot mic moment, where he said lewd, demeaning things about women.

Trump is brash. He can be crude, even arrogant. He says what comes to mind, often with no script whatsoever.

Like him or despise him, you must admit, when he told Hillary that she would, “be in jail” if he were President, he channelled what many Americans have been feeling for many years.

We are tired of the corruption. We are tired of the hypocrisy. We are tired of a government that taxes us while our leaders get rich in behind-the-scenes deals.

Candidates, like Trump, represent a new idea. It is the notion that outsiders can come in, do a good job, using their experience, and get out.

It is a paradigm that Washington, DC, has need for some time.

Speaking of hypocrites: A video has emerged of Barack Obama, on an airplane, flaunting a large bulge in his pants, while female staffers scream, “Sit down!”

It sounds as if they are saying, “Sit down, Agent!” but that part of the audio is unclear to me.

Obama said that Trump’s words on women were “repugnant.”

Were they as bad as this?

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