[VIDEO] Laura Ingraham “We’ve Been Waiting For Someone Face-To-Face To Take Down The Clintons.”

Donald Trump came out swinging in last nights debate, and if you weren’t a Trump fan before that, you will be today. In 90 epic minutes, Trump nailed Clinton, and gave her a tongue whooping we have all been waiting for. Laura Ingraham was beyond excited, and she nailed it! Watch below



He came in with the entire GOP establishment against him. He came in with the media against him. He came in with Hollywood against him. And the entire Bush apparatus… And Romney… And he said, we’re going down the tubes, you’re an architect of this, and we need a new path forward. He said this and he hit her in a way that not a single Republican in the last 30 years has been able to lay a glove on the Clintons. And he did it. We’ve been waiting for this moment for someone face-to-face to take down the Clintons.

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