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[WATCH] Man Records Farewell Video After Fatal Motorcycle Crash, Then a MIRACLE Happens

The 41-year-old is in a wooded area; vehicles can be heard driving nearby. Diepenbrock recorded the footage in mid-October, after he had been involved in a motorcycle crash near the Tennessee-North Carolina border. Diepenbrock was injured, but help had not arrived.

So Diepenbrock, whose friend was killed in the incident, began to record.

“See you soon,” he says.

Diepenbrock – who had fallen more than 100 feet down a hill after the Oct. 15 crash – was not rescued from the site until about 27 hours after the fatal collision, ABC News reported. Someone eventually heard him cry out, and that set in motion a rescue operation.

“It’s a miracle that somebody even heard him there,” Blount County Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Jerry Phillips told ABC News. “It’s really amazing.”

“Never forget to tell people you love them. That’s all I could think about when I was down there. Was that, you know, I never, you never say that enough,” Diepenbrock told WATE, an affiliate station. “You never spend enough time with your parents, you never spend enough time with people that are close to you.”

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that the crash happened on a part of U.S. Highway 129 that is known as “The Dragon,” which, according to the newspaper, has “sharp curves and scenic views.”

Diepenbrock was riding with Phillip Polito, a 29-year-old man who was a co-worker. A highway patrol report obtained by the News Sentinel indicates that Polito braked while the motorcycles were traveling on the roadway, and then the collision occurred, with Diepenbrock hitting the back of Polito’s bike. The crash sent both motorcyclists off a steep embankment. The newspaper reported that Diepenbrock suffered punctured lungs, broken ribs and spinal fractures.

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