[VIDEO] Math Professor Caught Telling Students: ‘I’m Not Gonna Tell You Who To Vote For, But…’ – 3%

[VIDEO] Math Professor Caught Telling Students: ‘I’m Not Gonna Tell You Who To Vote For, But…’

While careful not to name a presidential candidate, one college math professor seemed pretty clear during a recent class about what direction he wants his students to lean come Election Day.

“I’m not gonna tell you who to vote for, but vote for someone who thinks women are full and capable and responsible and intelligent beings who should not be the object of, um, should not be objectified,” Peter Rosnick told students during a class at Mount Holyoke College, according to The College Fix, which obtained video of the commentary.

Rosnick concluded: “I’m kinda being cute about it, but I’m not feeling this is funny. This is the most serious election … in 48 years that I’ve been voting, so yeah — do the math, right?” He finished by telling students his “proselytizing” was over.

A student from the class spoke to The College Fix on the condition of anonymity and said Rosnick shouldn’t have gotten political.

“I find it highly inappropriate for a math teacher to use my class time to try to tell me who to vote for,” she told the outlet.

Mount Holyoke College is an all-female private liberal arts school in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

While the College Fix noted the video is from an Oct. 21 class, a Mount Holyoke spokeswoman confirmed to TheBlaze that Rosnick “began both of his Calculus courses on Wednesday with this statement.”

Rosnick is an adjunct with Mount Holyoke, the official said, and has been teaching since September. The college’s academic catalog lists Rosnick as a visiting professor of mathematics for this school year.

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